Sights out of town

The Ulysses Riviera offers a lot for curious people that like to explore the surroundings.
North of Gaeta, San Felice Circeo, with its wonderful coasts, where legend has the witch Circe lived, and met Ulysses after his landing by the Gaeta gulf.
Here, you can visit the historical centre with the Baronal Palace (see picture below) and the 13th century Templari Tower.

Then, you can go on to Sperlonga, a fine marine place wit hits characteristic all-white Mediterranean architecture. Noteworthy the Tiberius Villa (see picture below): the Emperor was a clever estimator of wonderful marine beauties. Also the local Archaeological Museum deserves a visit, with its important marble collections, ordered by Tiberius himself.

Near by Formia, at 20 minutes from Gaeta, by car, you can see the cylinder-shaped Cicero's Tomb (see picture below). The illustrious orator and philosopher died in the area, and here is where he is buried. The Tomb is open to visitors (9.00-19.00). In August, it hosts an international Jazz Festival.

Mountain lovers can take a trip to the Aurunci Mountains, surrounded by numerous scenic hills and valleys, dotted with old villages, as Campodimele, whose 11th century fortification are circled by a romantic walkway, aptly named "lovers' lane" (see picture below).