The Ulysses Riviera

Gaeta is a small coastal town, located just south of Rome en route to Naples, facing one of the most breathtaking gulfs of Italy. Gaeta lies on a pictoresque peninsula and its strategic position and magic environment has made it a secure harbor since the time of the Roman Empire.
Its coast was described by many ancient poets, like Homer and Virgil. This is the reason why the coast that surrounds Gaeta is called the "Ulysses Riviera".
The golden beaches and many coves, scattered all over the coast, make of Gaeta an ideal place to relax.
The old town with its enchanting promenades and pitoresque alleys, the Angioino Aragonese Castle and the town's many beautiful buildings and churches, make Gaeta famous for culture and history.
Monte Orlando (that is a natural park) overlooks the sea, with its characteristic crocodile profile, and its grassy slopes bathed in the water: also called Montagna Spaccata ("the split mountain") is a great cleft rock face with a sheer drop to the coastline below, and nearby is the Grotta del Turco ("the Turk's cave").
Gaeta is also the perfect starting point to explore the most loved southern Italy's treasures as Pompei, Herculaneum, Capri, Pontine islands, Caserta Palace, Montecassino Abbey, Pastena caves and the adjacent wilderness parks of Monte Orlando, Circeo and Gianola.
You can reach Gaeta by train from Rome or Naples, directed to Formia that is the nearest train station to Gaeta (Gaeta does not have a station). From Formia you are only 10 minutes from Gaeta. A Taxi ride from Formia station to our house should cost no more than 20 or 25 euros. So, if the driver asks for more, just let him know that you know what the fair price should be.

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